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The Heroic Legend of Arslan

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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Feb 12, 2018
Kookiieh (All reviews)
The Heroic Legend of Arslan is set in a fictional version of the Middle East. This is a refreshing change.

Arslan is sensitive and wants his parent's affections, he’s kind but also can’t turn his eyes away from the war. He’s not a typical hot-blooded hero. He’s not overly strong or confident but not horrible weak either, and that’s what makes his journey appealing.

Arakawa’s artwork is clearly laid-out and easy to follow. She uses a mix of small and large panels to add visual variety. Lots of greytones are used, making this look more like a black, white, and grey manga rather than a black and read more
Jun 18, 2023
LegendOfMazda (All reviews)
Do NOT read this manga AT ALL. It is A
COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, and the series is home to:

●Horrible writing
●Horrible Characters
●Incompetent Antagonists/No Stakes
●Horrible Worldbuilding
●just a horrible everything overall.

read more

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