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Boarding School Juliet

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Mar 14, 2020
alhiris (All reviews)
Well, I usually don't read manga, because I think or at least I thought they weren't to be compared with anime. But, Kaneda Yousuke made me think otherwise.

I just watched the anime, so the story seemed interesting, though I was surprised to see only the first ~18 chapters were adapted in a one cour anime. So I decided to give the manga a try, since the manga seemed to have so many things left to tell.

So here it started, marathoning the chapters, I just fell in love with the characters, the carefulness with which they were drawn and the high level of details, top tier read more
Sep 3, 2019
TioSantix (All reviews)
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
A beautiful manga At the time I started his anime not expecting much but in his first chapters he began to hook me up little by little that I could not wait 1 week for Anime and I went to manga .. From there began my adventure for this manga. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is a school manga that shows us protagonists of some classic characters Romeo and Juliet you could say that it is a plot already widely used and recycled but by following the story you see that it is not. The author shows us what the best of manga read more

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