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Apr 18, 2018
Zurheide (All reviews)
Nichijou is one of my favorite manga, as well as one of my all-time favorite anime, so I have to say it was a tough day for me when I finished all the Nichijou content I could find. Luckily, I managed to stumble across Arawi's newer work, CITY, and it has easily carried on Nichijou's legacy.

The absurd situations, ridiculous characters, and million-miles-a-second pacing of Nichijou are all present in CITY, and it all feels fresh thanks to the new setting. The characters themselves are refreshingly different too; instead of following what could have been a rehash of Yuuko/Mio/Mai and Hakase/Nano for the mains, we instead read more
Jun 3, 2021
Piggytripper (All reviews)
The surrealist humour of Nichijou is still present here but its not as random and absurd. Its actually way more chilled out and this gives a lot more space to develop and explore all the characters in the titular CITY, and there are so many of them. Arawi Keichii has a knack for creating lovable characters and his prowess is at full show here. It feels different from Nichijou in a way that it feels way more mature and personal this time around.
Its warm, wholesome and makes for a very easy and cozy read. I think its a must read for every Nichijou fan.

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