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The Ghost in the Shell 1.5

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Dec 22, 2009
Spookt (All reviews)
Sometimes more of the same is exactly what you want and the best you can hope for. Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor proves that that is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Things have settled down in Section 9 since the Puppeteer case ended. Major Motoko Kusanagi has disappeared. Batou has stepped up to fill her role as assault leader. Togusa is now partnered with the sharp-nosed Azuma, their newest recruit. The rest of Section 9’s crack team remains as quick-witted and kick-ass as ever.

We open the story in the middle of a new case involving a cyber-criminal disturbingly similar to the Puppeteer. Someone has hijacked read more
Jun 11, 2011
froody1911 (All reviews)
I'll be concise here.
The original Ghost in the Shell manga is a true gem in the world of manga, philosophy and cyberpunk.
1.5 is a set of stories that didn't make it to either the original or 2, and were released after 2.

This one doesn't have the same amount of speculative content as the original, and its short, independent cases are less memorable.
The charismatic Major is almost entirely absent. Togusa, Batou and Aramaki get the spotlight.
The absence of an overarching plotline is one of the biggest weaknesses here. Further, there is only one major philosophical theory that Masamune appears to be presenting throughout the read more

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