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Tokyo Mew Mew

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Jul 12, 2011
kolemon (All reviews)
My first manga. :). Okay, so here we go.

Tokyo Mew Mew - we have to save the world.

The plot is really simple. There's a girl, Ichigo, who falls for a guy Aoyama. He seemed to like her from the beginning :). Anyway, while being int the museum, or somewhere, there is an earthquake. She is with those 4 girls she doesn't know, and then BOOM ! She doesn't know what's happening, but she remembers a cat : ) Cool isn't it ? :D She became Mew Mew and got to save the world with help from Ryou, who's pretty hot. She has to find another read more
May 13, 2014
vividgrim (All reviews)
I'll be frank: Tokyo Mew Mew is bad.

While the concept is mildly interesting - bio-engineered magical girls save the world - the story itself is shallow, cheap, and flat. The tension in conflicts isn't there because the resolution happens within a page or too.

The magic itself is uninteresting; there's no learning curve, the girls just automatically know what to do. Even in the attacks, there is no variation - each girl only has one move.

I also found the romance - between Ichigo and Ryou, as well as between Ichigo and Masaya - dull. With Masaya, it's simply pages of Ichigo staring at him read more

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