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Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode Omnibus

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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Aug 5, 2008
KawaiiNeko (All reviews)
Since Tokyo Mew Mew really captured my time and attention, I was really ready for a La Mode to do the same. Well needless to say i was very disappointed. The main character Berry (or Berii however they say it) took over for the first main character Ichigo. I considered that mistake number one. Next the storyline or lack there of made no sense. All in all a La Mode really was a waste of everyone's time and money.
Sep 17, 2008
WindWitchKagura (All reviews)
This was a story with very cute drawings, but it echoes Tokyo Mew Mew and was not very creative. The life of Berrii or Berry is simply a modified version of Ichigo's, and she takes over the entire story. This isn't a masterpiece manga, and the only real reason I feel you could read it for is looking at the artwork.

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