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Jun 14, 2010
B-gata H-kei (Anime) add
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
Upon first reading the description of this show you may find yourself asking the questions: "Why would I want to bother watching anime about a slut?" Trust me I asked myself this very same question as I began watching this series, but I found that the description is a little misleading.

The story itself is not just about Yamada gathering 100 different sex partners, there is actually a romance tucked into that. We watch as she goes from just wanting to have sex as quickly as possible (and doing so in the most hilarious and clumsy ways) to falling in love with the last person ...
Aug 5, 2008
Afro Samurai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/5 eps)
Ever since I first heard about this show I already knew there was a slim possibility of me liking it. Eventually I proved myself correct as I only got through three episodes before deciding it was not worth finishing. Don't get me wrong the animation of it is beautiful, but a show can't run on animation alone. As I watched the episodes I couldn't stop thinking it was a rip off wannabe of Samurai Champloo without the humor and great soundtrack. Samuel L Jackson will forever remain one of my favorite actors, and I do believe he did a good job voicing his characters, I ...
Aug 5, 2008
Nana (Anime) add
I was introduced to NANA through the US Shoujo Beat magazine, and I haven't stepped away from it since. This show has one of the most realistic protraly of the trials and tribulations one goes through in a relationship. That's probably the reason why I like it so much. As opposed to soo many other anime romances I've seen, this is the only one that really makes me say: "Hey that has happened to me before." I found myself engrossed in the lives of the characters. Rooting for them when they were down, yelling at certain characters because they were being an arse, crying when ...
Aug 5, 2008
Preliminary (5/12 chp)
Since Tokyo Mew Mew really captured my time and attention, I was really ready for a La Mode to do the same. Well needless to say i was very disappointed. The main character Berry (or Berii however they say it) took over for the first main character Ichigo. I considered that mistake number one. Next the storyline or lack there of made no sense. All in all a La Mode really was a waste of everyone's time and money.

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