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Jun 28, 2012
Parisbelle (All reviews)
Have you ever thrown away a chance that may have changed the way your life had become? This is what happens to the high school social recluse, Imamura Kinichiro, and the manga, "Again!!", is the heartfelt tale of his second chance in life.

The basic premise is nothing short of relatable and heartfelt. It’s the day of graduation and Imamura reminisces how his high school life had been wasted. Upon going to the old cheering squad’s clubroom, a club he regrets his choice of never joining in, he scares Fujieda, Akira, a girl who led a relatively normal highschool life. Together, they fall down a flight read more
Apr 10, 2013
narutolvr15 (All reviews)
At the risk of reiterating a plot summary that's been said in many different ways many times, I'll avoid the long story synopsis and give a brief summary to help explain my thoughts a bit.

I think that the story is interesting not only because of the premise behind it (going back in time to change the things you regret) but because of what it could eventually lead to.

We start off on graduation day where our main character, after looking back on his high school years, despairs that he didn't accomplish anything and regrets not living his life to the fullest (joining clubs, making friends, read more

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