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To Your Eternity

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Dec 3, 2016
LonelyLittleStar (All reviews)
When originally writing this, upon seeing that this very interesting manga had no reviews I couldn't resist posting one. I'll try my best to not reveal too much information as you have to read for yourself to find the reasons this manga is unique.

Story: (8/10)
Basically some sort of magical object made by some over powered being takes form of other objects in its surroundings. I know, it's weird at first to think about but hear me out. What if this object takes the shape of a human? What if this inhumane immortal being learns to become a human? Well, of course he does. The main read more
Jul 17, 2020
Aron1412 (All reviews)
The manga should've stopped after Chapter 116.

Everything that happens after Chapter 116 should've been a spin-off.

I would given the manga a solid 9, if it wasn't for the post-116 chapters.
Chapter 116 was a great ending and should've stayed that way.

Now for everything before chapter 117...

Very unique premise.
The main character starts of as a semi-conscious rock made by a higher being.
Ends up turning himself into a wolf after it dies.(we later find out he can turn himself into anything he feels a strong emotional connection towards, he learns to control this ability and also learns to [create] stuff)
Overall very gripping and emotionally driven. Shounen with read more

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