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Mar 3, 2015
Asai64 (All reviews)
I know this manga has not been fully scanlated yet (last time I checked only first volume) but I just bought all released volumes yesterday and I am in thirst of talking about how satisfied I am with DAYS. For the start, I am indeed a fan of Yasuda Tsuyoshi's (especially Over Drive *sob*) works, but soccer really never become my thing. I did following some soccer series in the past, however only Giant Killing and this series that was able to give me a real enjoyment of the sport.

On the beginning you might think that the premise is not that original and some of read more
Jun 5, 2020
FigaroTaiga (All reviews)
Now i know that 10/10 is a really high score, and I’m not very confident that I’d be able to provide a constructive review, but to anyone that’s come across this series, give it a chance. Even if sports isn’t your thing or if soccer just isn’t your sport, still, give it a chance. Because, at least for me, it did not disappoint,

So, starting with the story. It’s simple, there’s a fateful meeting between two people that were, in normal circumstances, unlikely to become friends. Because of Tsukushi’s honest and hard working personality, he kept his promise to a stranger, Kazama, that helped him read more

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