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A Springtime with Ninjas

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May 3, 2018
CatEatYourPizza (All reviews)
Hana to Shinobi. Or A springtime with Ninjas. This story started off good. It was engaging. AT FIRST. It really engaged me, until the relationship between Benio and Tamaki.

Story (6/10): Not the most creative but was okay. It was good until Volume 3. When they begin their relationship and nobody approves of it. It adds some crappy and pointless action. ALL THE ANTAGONISTS ARE WAY TOO CLICHE AND STUPID.

Art (10/10): The art is OUTSTANDING. that’s all. It’s really amazing.

Characters (6/10): the characters are way too cliche. Benio the annoying MC who wants to learn about the outside world because she can’t leave. And then there’s read more

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