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Hotaru's Way

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Oct 5, 2014
Sapphiregleams (All reviews)
Super fun manga. I laughed throughout. Hotaru is a dried fish woman with no social life. She happily lives on crisps and beer. Her life changes with the entry of 2 hot men. Unlike other josei or shoujo manga, I root for Hotaru and do not want to replace her in the manga. She is fun. Her office is really nice. Its glamourous and the workers help each other. The developement of the various relationships has been handled with finesse. I dont understand why the manga has such low ranking. It is really sad. I am glad I didnt go for ranking. It seems josei read more
Oct 9, 2013
sukhi (All reviews)
i first got interested to read this manga after hearing about the concept. 'himono-onna' or 'dried up women' is someone who has lost touch with her femininity. hotaru is a 27 year old office lady, is one of them. all she like to do is drink beer and relax on her house porch. in come two men in her life to change that. the handsome and young teshima mokoto is the office favorite and the one hotaru falls for, and her classy boss takano seichii, who due to circumstances ends up living with her. the story is about how hotaru rediscovers the world of love read more

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