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Giant Killing

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Mar 7, 2010
amanoh (All reviews)
Giant Killing is like Slam Dunk meets football (or soccer to Americans) from the Manager's point of view; a former local superstar who is scouted and transferred to a European club comes back as a coach to the team where he reached the height of his fame as a player.

The series has everything you'd want from a sports manga: relentless action, budding bromance, character development/growth, and best of all, this is one of the rare sports mangas where characters don't rely on gimmicks to excel in the sport. (see: Prince of Tennis)

The plot and the characters are very well crafted; the author also did a read more
Jun 23, 2010
shine_heaven (All reviews)
ETU is in deep trouble. A poor football team like that has hardly any hopes for recovery if the players lose will to fight. When the team is on verge of completely falling into despair, the last resort shows up on the horizon – hiring a new manager, that is, but not just some chance manager. Takeshi Tatsumi used to be praised as a genius footballer back in the old days. He, however, retired after a successful career and ended up managing a team in England. And now the ex-star of ETU picks up the gauntlet, returning to Japan as a coach of his former read more

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