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May 27, 2017
BlueDragon17 (All reviews)
I won't rehash the story. The synopsis covers the basics, though it does have one point wrong. (It is consistent with how it is first presented in the manga though, so I suspect that whomever wrote the synopsis didn't read very far.) As it progresses, this story could be said to touch on low-grade horror. (I've read 4 volumes so far)
This manga is unusual in that it accurately portrays the maturity levels of the characters. The teen acts like one, so do those in their 20s and 30s. Both body language and speech are consistent with their read more
Jan 5, 2020
TheEdguy (All reviews)
I just checked this out on a whim after seeing it had an upcoming anime this winter, and since it wasn't that popular and had a score below 8, I didn't expect that much. I've only read 6 chapters (though this manga has long chapters, around 80 pages with lots of text), but so far I'm very positively surprised. The art is great, the characters are interesting, witty and intelligent without being overly abstract minded and unrelatable (unlike say Monogatari characters), the world seems interesting and well thought out (though not super unique), and so far I've enjoyed it a lot.

The first thing that springs read more

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