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Jun 21, 2020
TheSpanishInquis (All reviews)
I've waited for so long. SO LONG!!!! "Its such a good setting, WHY HAS NOBODY USED IT BY NOW!" Is what I was thinking of for years. I am a total history nerd, and an avid consumer of Japanese media, and while I love every manga with a historical setting, like Vagabond, Vinland Saga, Kingdom, and so on, I ALWAYS wanted a manga set in the Holy Roman Empire(HRE). Its just such an interesting setting, from the Protestant Wars that occurred in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, to the Investiture Controversy that caused so much fuss in the 11th century going forward, and even read more
Jul 18, 2022
SenseiMedo (All reviews)
Preliminary Spoiler
What started as a masterpiece quickly started to go to ruin after chapter 6 like the calm before the storm.

The first 6 chapters were a new ray of light that had you not knowing what was coming next, nothing could be predicted and gave a strong ray of excitement chapter after chapter, unfortunately, it all tumbles downhill from chapter 7 onwards...

Initially, I wanted to rate this 10 then 6 then 3 and now 2 every chapter I read it gets ridiculous full-on nonsense.

Story: The first 6 chapters are clearly written by someone else aside from the rest of the story, it's like read more

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