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Oct 12, 2015
Aszao (All reviews)
To start off, here are the things that makes this Shoujo manga special
1. Really unique MC, not a wimp like 90% of you YES I'M TALKING TO YOU TOO RAKU ICHIJOOU
2. Senpaii, older girl which is in my opinion a kuudere?, but really likeable
3. A heartwarming story

The art is great, not the best but definitely one of the better ones.
Detailed characters

^Story & Characters
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Nov 5, 2014
mrssirmawk (All reviews)
Namaikizakari can be the favourite shoujo manga for those, who are fed up with the following elements:
- waiting 30 chapters for the first eye contact,
- annoying male/female friends with unnecessary advices,
- created comedy or drama and fillers,
- cat/dog or any other pet,
- the annual school events (cultural festival...)

The list could go on, but one thing is sure: Namaikizakari is one of the most entertaining and exciting shoujo manga, that I've ever read. And it can be all thanked to the frame given by basketball, the characters who are acting like normal people and especially to the main male character, Naruse, who is not gonna wait read more

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