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Love and Lies

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May 5, 2016
Murloc-kun (All reviews)

As someone who just binged all the chapters up to the most recent chapter 86 of Koi to Uso, let me just say this manga is very frustrating. It's good but it's also very frustrating...

The initial story is interesting. Age 16, you get assigned a marriage partner using genetic, psychological, and a variety of other data (Go Science!) in order to find a perfect match and combat the declining birth rates in Japan.

The art is fantastic, though the trade-off for that is that the chapters are extremely short.

The frustrating aspect is that the MC is so stubbornly in love with Grill 1 read more
Aug 30, 2018
dragonfly1024 (All reviews)
I didn't expected that story to be so good, and as far as I read I am nicely surprised.

Honestly I think that the characters are amazing, and for a story based on simples sentimental relations the mangaka has been able to attach a real importance to this relationships. In this manga the high school relationships are far to be simples childish whims, rather they are something that will determinate the future of the main characters. All that due to a rule, all the partners will be chosen by the state and the penalties for go against this rule is a future that will turn around read more

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