Sep 19, 2018
Preliminary (172/62 chp)
If you're hoping for an in depth detailed review, go somewhere else. Or better yet read it yourself; perhaps you'll understand how much of a slog it felt like to me...

eventually that is. I came in with a decently open mind. I can't say I loved it but it didn't bore me the hell out like Infection or World's End Harem. Though they're not in the same category but regardless, the point is that I read quite a bit, beyond chapter 100 but around 150, I just couldn't anymore. I lost all interest in every detail and character, most of whom were pretty forgettable. That one guy that's probably gay but really popular, the generic pussy main character, cow tits girl, and that one petite girl. Point is I lost interest as it was boring and monotonous. Perhaps others like something like this; I could've but this one fell flat for me.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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