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Ya Boy Kongming!

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May 21, 2022
Druser (All reviews)
With all the anime hype going around, I figured I may as well check this out (I haven't watched the anime). I was quite disappointed.

Paripi Koumei (Ya Boy Kongming) manages to take a reasonably interesting premise and turn it into a bland by-the-numbers story. The character writing in particular stands out as dull and uninspiring - Kongming mainly just does some basic "all according to keikaku" stuff, Eiko is textbook waifu bait (and extraordinarily characterless for several volumes), and everyone else is pretty one-note. The story is decently plotted but nothing especially impressive - it tends to bounce around a bit awkwardly sometimes, but it's read more
Jul 1, 2022
PixelB (All reviews)
It's rare that I say this, but the anime is much, much better than the manga. Everything that was good about the anime is just not present in the manga.

The production value of the anime is actually quite good. Little to no CGI, dance choreography, editing, and scene panes were quite good. Music was mediocre, but professional indeed. The manga just has the exact opposite features.

The anime's storyboarding is pretty boring, but beyond that is the character design and especially atrocious are the backgrounds. I think it should be noticeable to anyone paying attention, but 90% or more of the backgrounds in any of read more

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