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Boys Run the Riot

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Nov 15, 2020
Milena-chan (All reviews)
This review is based on 8 chapters so far!

Based on what I've read so far I absolutely love this manga. Not only because of the importance of stories like this but also because of how well it's written. The art style is good, not outstanding by any means but it does not need to be. Characters and story are what makes it stand out. I love our main duo and their relationship with each other. The respect that Jin has for Ryo's gender identity is great to see. His reaction to Ryo's coming out as trans is perfectly written. In addition, we also get a read more
Dec 15, 2021
happystrawberrry (All reviews)
I’ve read a lot of lgbt+ mangas and in terms of a story centered about being trans/trans issues this by far is one of my favorites! I found myself actually crying quite a few times because of how relatable the issues described are. I love how it doesn’t shy away from topics (especially in its non-binary representation, the story is straight forward with it which is SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! It’s so disappointing how majority of non-binary rep is literally just not confirming their gender and everyone misgendering them and boys run the riot doesn’t do that at all! It made me so read more

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