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A Girl & Her Guard Dog

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Jun 25, 2022
kapu02 (All reviews)
Uohhh sixteen year old cunny, age gap cute and funny 😭😭😭

The story is wholesome and the artstyle is insanely pretty but I only recommend Ojou to Banken with huge caveat. You know, my trigger tolerance thresholds usually run high due to the spicy sixdigits I read, but even I had to turn off my brain for the grooming behavior to not affect my enjoyment. If I see this happen in real life I'll likely puke.

Not to be judgemental but if you think normalising such a relationship under the pretext of protection is not gross we can't be friends. I'll be judging you from 200 read more
Nov 12, 2020
Vamphr (All reviews)
I came across this Manga by accident but i'm glad i did. At first glance the cover art was just so immaculate.
Ojou to Banken-kun is so interesting to read, The story at first might make you feel hesitant but it's absolutely not what you think it's a comedic and romantic story.
The characters:
Utou Keiya, the male leader is so cute and protective, (he's so hot AAA)
Senagaki Isaku, the female lead is also cute and sometimes clumsy but she's determined.

I honestly wish they make this a anime but i doubt that.
If you’re like me and love reading Romance Mangas + with a handsome ML then read more

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