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A Girl & Her Guard Dog

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Apr 12, 2023
tyrandriel (All reviews)
Okay I wanted to read this because it's getting an anime adaptation ?? Which honestly surprises me based on how bad this story is. I wasn't super keen on the whole 15 & 25 age gap (it also shows when she was really little and he helped care for her...egh). I gave it a chance simply because an anime is being made for it.

From the get go it rubbed me the wrong way. Red flag behavior from ML all around. He's NOT's like a rendition of a 13 yr olds journal she keeps hidden under her bed. ML IS supposed to be yakuza...but still. read more
Jun 25, 2022
kapu02 (All reviews)
Uohhh sixteen year old cunny, age gap cute and funny 😭😭😭

The story is wholesome and the artstyle is insanely pretty but I only recommend Ojou to Banken with huge caveat. You know, my trigger tolerance thresholds usually run high due to the spicy sixdigits I read, but even I had to turn off my brain for the grooming behavior to not affect my enjoyment. If I see this happen in real life I'll likely puke.

Not to be judgemental but if you think normalising such a relationship under the pretext of protection is not gross we can't be friends. I'll be judging you from 200 read more

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