May 12, 2013
destonyDbaby (All reviews)
So a hungry joker review. where shall I start?

Let me just say that this surely a disappointing manga, why ? I shall tell you.

The story starts off nicely with character introduction, the learning of the powers that they using. So i got interested but halfway throughout the series I start to notice that they story is being rushed and that makes it a mess out of the series. this surely had great potential if it had dragged out a lot longer so that we can see good character development and see story play out a bit better.

story wise i gave this a 5. I was sincerely interested in the story because of the main character past, you saw all those dead people around him and makes you wonder what happened plus you get too know that he was being used for something. but then again since the story was rushed I cannot give it higher then a 5

Well i am not genius when it comes too art so i ll just rate however the art looks like for me. i give it a 8. although the characters look great, it doesn't make up lack of details in the background. Should it had beautiful surroundings I am sure the manga would have been better off

While they have good characters. I find the main ones lacking. If only the manga had been longer maybe then the characters could development into more likable and enjoyable characters. So I gave it a 7

I did enjoy this manga to a certain extend but that was only until halfway, after that it was all "meh" . I gave this a 6 since I was interested in the first place.

When I add all the things above in a rating I would say overall this manga is a 6, its real shame really. This manga could have achieve something great had it gotten some time. Read this manga if you have time or your bored. don't get your hopes up thinking this will be great when you start reading it.