Mar 16, 2013
Wanted! (Manga) add (All reviews)
Tyusidwi (All reviews)
Okej, this is my first review and I will first excuse for my bad English (hehe, I'm from Sweden).

I first read Wanted on my mobile and I thought it was a great Manga. It is a collection of Oda Eiichiros old short manga, that came before One Piece.
Because I love One Piece, I had to read this.
If you have read One Piece before, you will recognise the style. Oda's humor is always there, and it is hilarius!

the Stories.
All of the stories are great. They are short and I wish that everyone of them could be longer. In my opinion, I think they are good, not super good, but.....Yeah, good.
I don't want to spoil the stories to much, so read it for yourself.

The art are definitely worse then One Piece. It is Oda's first manga's, so what can I say?
But it is still fun to see how much Oda has developed in this years.

Well, like all Oda's characters, they are funny, wierd, dumbasses! I loved them!

Oda's humor are perfect! I laught just as much as I did in One Piece.

I gave this part a 8. I thought of 9 or 10 first, but the artwork isn't that good, and the stories will never be as good as One Piece. I still enjoyed it, and I hope others will to;)

All from me!// Tyusidwi