Mar 6, 2013
Cruzader93 (All reviews)
2nd Season of Baka and Test - Summon The Beasts
2011 Anime produced by Silver Link and Licensed by Funimation
Review from my POV (w/personal biases)
Viewed in the English DUB (2013)
DO NOT WATCH if you haven't seen S1.

+ The humor is stronger and with more variety than the previous season. It doesnt get as stale.
+ The Art design was very appealing (SO MANY COLORS!!!)
+ I didn't have any problem with any of the performances (except one). Even the supporting cast was great. Trina Nishimura and Todd Haberkorn both have small but enjoyable parts. Plus I like how Brina Palencia practically has half an episode to herself :P
+ Haunted House arc.
(Personal) + I really dug the amplified romantic element :3
(Sp)+ That one joke with Minami summoning during the Haunted House arc almost killed me

- There's almost little to no cohesive plot in this season. Ultimately, it just feels like a filler season.
- The sequencing and format of episodes. Some episodes were split in two, some episodes have arcs(The peeking one dragged a bit for me personally), episodes of Exposition were introduced, and the everything about it all felt scrambled.
- The Backstory episodes completely felt out of place. (Sp) Not a fan of the German accent.
- Moments of serious tone can take you out of it sometimes.
- Sadly, Summoner Test Wars are used as a gimmick......... once again
(personal) - Akihisa Yoshi, GAWD YOU ARE SO DENSE!!! Making male otaku rage!

Final Note: Don't consider this season of Baka and Test as one that would focus on plot, but one that focuses on amplifying it's already present humor. In that sense, it succeeds in vibrant colors.

Recommends: To those who really enjoyed the humor of the first Season.