Dec 24, 2012
critic111 (All reviews)
Jisatsutou, written by Kouji Mori (Holyland), is a masterpiece. Once again Kouji Mori captivates the struggles of the being human, through a simple yet effective narrative. Mori's biggest strength however is character growth, and like Holyland, the main character wanders through a psychological labyrinth created by our stifling modern world, trying to rediscover what he lost, and giving hope to what others are looking for. Jisatsutou also has wonderful pacing, where each chapter is filled with something meaningful, and exciting.

Please buy his works when they come out in your language. It is these kinds of magnificent authors that need more recognition in our consumer culture.

Spread the word Jisatsutou is another work that sets the standard of what good seinen should be.