Nov 25, 2012
ShintakoInari (All reviews)
Why hasn't Tokyo ESP gotten any reviews? It's a real gem compared to all the trash the media is releasing- I don't even get how some of that stuff is published. So anyway, let me ask you a question. Do you want to read a manga with romance that has a supernatural setting and a kick ass crew? Are you sick of cry baby, pathetic, heroines? Do you want some good action? How about flying fish, macho, literally magnetic fathers, yoda in a panda disguse, a little girl using nunchucks like a boss, and more? If you said yes to any of those, Tokyo ESP will be your haven.
The story may seem unoriginal and pretty common, but it's not. The plot has twists, and the twists have twists. While some things may be predictable, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Also, Tokyo ESP isn't just some shojo manga. It has amazing fighting scenes, as well as events leading up to them. Also, the main characters (Rinka and Azuma) aren't overpowered- they dont have battles that last one page. I mean, if the fight scenes are amazing, they wouldn't last one page, right? That's one great thing about Tokyo ESP. The balance between romance and action is amazing. Also, there arent guys falling for Rinka all over the place for no reason, and the guy she happens to be in love with? She actually has a reason besides that he's super cute or something along those lines. (Although Rinka probably wont deny Azuma's appearance) There are scenes where you want to cry, scenes where you want to laugh, and scenes where your outraged.
Also, Rinka, my dear Rinka. . . I love her. She's wonderful. She isn't nastily selfish, but she isn't unnaturally humble- I'm able to connect to her in many ways, while still being able to admire her formidable strength. She has to deal with annoying female classmates, she's gets beat up, she's also poor, and she only has a father. However, she has a conscience, she's also ridiculously strong at times, she's weak at times, but she made friends. (somehow) She is probably one of the most developed and realistic characters I've met in a romance-related manga that I've liked. Most of the supporting roles (that appear in at least approximately five pages) also have backgrounds that help the story.
The art was at times normal, but at times pure magic- it created the perfect mood whenever necessary. The cover art was amazing, and the contents weren't a disappointment. Overall, I really enjoyed Tokyo ESP and I highly recommend it to anyone who's life was scarred by the good-anime/manga-turned-bad-Vampire-Knight. (and I feel like no matter what anime or manga I revew, I'll always make a diss towards VK. MyAnimeList should make a Most Hated Anime/Manga/Character/etc feature.)