Nov 18, 2012
Amane8009 (All reviews)
To be very honest, I expected something a lot better.

I'm going to start with the Art:
Which for me is the best part of this manga. I of course loved the original manga, since the art is just about the same of course i liked Paradox's art as well.

Here we have an alternate universe where, something happens and Yuno is removed from the game, murumuru inserts her self into the game as yuno, yuki almost dies and Akise Aru is implanted in to save him. The story has a lot of differen't aspects like a more enjoyable outcome for most Diary Users.
The story is a bit ridiculous. I know this is just an alternate universe type thing but geez man Taking YUNO(almost) completely out of the story is stupid. It was never about Akise Aru no matter how much you wanted it to be about him. And fuck...Murumuru inserting herself into Yunos life that was so retarded.

Since the story is relatively short there isn't a whole lot of character development. I liked the whole Tsubaki and Akise panels, and the hinted couple of them. I don't like murumuru. I thought she was cute before but she just annoying.

I heard a lot of hype about Paradox. It was supposed real good. I didn't know that it was from Akise's POV tho. But as you can tell i didn't enjoy this very much. It was a rather sad let down. Akise as a smart bishounen detective, with a slight questionable nature was okay. I liked his slight yandere appearance. But Murumuru brought the entire thing down.

Would i recommend this? sure i would. If you like the AkisexYuuki pairing. Or just like the character Akise Aru in general. Be forwarned though, Murumuru taking Yunos place is rather unsettling.