Aug 14, 2008
formosan (All reviews)
Mission-E wears its heart on its sleeve. From the opening sequence, one sees female superhero figures with character models that appear to have been inspired by Bubblegum Crisis. The story reveals that these heroines don't just wear high-tech suits, they also have minor electricity-related superpowers, possibly inspired by the paper-related powers of Read Or Die.

The voices are decent, the art is pleasant, the story is well within the bounds of what one might expect of a superhero technothriller. The realism level seems to be about on par with an old James Bond movie.

The ending sequence is not as well-animated as the rest of the series, and starting at episode 3, the ending song is remixed to sound as if it had been sung by badly-programmed computers.

I plan to watch all available episodes. This is solid, crowd-pleasing entertainment. On the downside, I doubt that there will be any major innovations or artistic originality.