Aug 13, 2012
Pyrokenesist (All reviews)
This story, of incestrious bodyswapping has been used in Hentai many MANY times. However, this being a non-ecchi, non-Hentai, Slice of Life, SERIOUS story makes it very intresting.

The thing about this Manga, is that the characters are incredible. Mainly, for the incest role, Bishies are used as the male role, and sexysexy girls, or tsunderes are used for the female. However, The rolers are (not reversed) completely diffrent in an amazing way!

The story is of 2 close siblings, The cook who watches over his sister, expressing no sexual intrest, simply saying how adorable she is. And the sister, whose personality isn't really presented until the end of the first chapter. Doting on and protecting his sister day and night, he eventually finds out that they are not related by blood. Although the brother thinks this changes nothing, the sister disagrees. And in this, we realize the sister's personality to be a bit perverted.

This is funny, and great! I love it!

The Art is wonderful and innocent. The story works well. Characters are wonderful! I really enjoyed it!