Jul 9, 2012
EllenMelon (All reviews)
ok I'm going start off by saying I don't get what any of you are saying when you say it's pedophilic? It's a 11 year old girl who has a crush on an older man.. who doesn't act on that at all. So please explain how it is for pedos/pedophillic? Anyway it's a cute and funny story about how this girl obsesses over this man, which does have some good comedy to it. It is currently airing, so I've only seen three episodes, but so far it was good.
Each episode is only about 3 minutes so it's just a small laugh which doesn't take any time of your week but it's worth it because it is very funny.
I personally find it very funny, and find it quite enjoyable.
The art is cute, chibi-style and the storyline is enjoyable!
I give this an overall 7.5