Jun 20, 2012
To start off, this is one of those manga that's mainly concentrated on comedy. Trust me, if you read this manga it'll make you laugh. Of course if you're one of those looking for romances this isn't a bad choice either. Don't be fooled. Even though there probably won't be a lot of romantic situations or development till chapter 50 or so, each chapter is 5-7 pages long not even half the length of a regular chapter of 18-20 pages.

Story : 7
There really isn't a set plot. It's mainly girl likes guy that shows no response to her feelings while another guy has feelings for the same pure and honest girl, and the chapters revolve around both of them trying to confess and win the other person's heart. To be honest, drama isn't one of this manga's main points since there is rarely any chapters where the setting is connected (except like when someone's confessing or something) and usually you'll see a problem confronted a few chapters later rather than right away. Since this is a gag manga, the story won't always involve the main characters. There will be chapters involving their classmates instead but you won't be disappointed.

Original. That's the best way I think to put it. Each character and setting is drawn in such a way that each person feels unique and the setting and situation really connects. You gotta love the artist's ability to draw their funny expressions and some characters' lack of expression.

The main characters are what you expect them to be like. All of the personalities are there. Shy, timid, outgoing, smart, delinquent, beauty, pervert, and the misunderstood. However, I love the involvement of the other classmates in the story and it isn't like the other series where there's only the love triangle and the best friend involved.

If I say I didn't enjoy this series, shoot me. Sure there is a lot of repetitive scenes where the guy is misunderstood but I think the situation makes up for it. It'll get you to say "BaHAHA!" rather than "CHEEEESY!".

I would prefer to rank it as a 9 simply because I think 1-10 doesn't fully acknowledges how much I enjoy this series, but I think it gets confusing at times when the chapter after a serious scene is completely random and totally unrelated. BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS AFTER READING SCHOOL RUMBLE.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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