Apr 26, 2012
rokkugoh (All reviews)
I am surprised I loved this one so much. I nearly read all released volumes in like two days! And I could not put it down. I normally don't read a lot of shoujo honestly because I have little patience for the air-headed girls and the bishounen that sweep them off their feet types that populate shoujo, but this one is very addictive -- I love the main character, Mogami Kyouko, and her evolution as an actress!

All of those scenes where she gets to try out new roles (the arcs where she acts in Sho's music video and as Natsu in Box-R are my favorites) are actually kinda thrilling. Especially the Natsu arc. I hope the mangaka continues to make her struggle to become at top actress (while showing more of those awesome acting scenes ofc) the main focus of the manga, with the romance as a side thing.

The guys are typical handsome bishounen, but they're pretty fun too. Ren is mysterious but charming in this cute way. Sho is this arrogant bastard from the beginning of the manga but man he grows on you. Love it! Wish the mangaka released stuff faster.