Jul 2, 2008
Kantarou (All reviews)
I'll get right to the point and try to make this review simple. Please do note that I will occasionally refer to the anime series, hence there will be some bias present in my review.

Story: 6/10
Despite being called a movie, its duration is rather short (personally I feel as though it was an OVA or extended episode). The movie has a rather plain and unsurprising plot, not exactly superb but its not horrible either. Still better than most of the fillers from the Tsubasa anime.

Art: 10/10
As expected of Production I.G, the animation is simply superb and detailed, with a wonderful use of colours. The movements of both the characters and inanimate objects are fluid, and the character designs are also pleasing. There were hardly any moments where I felt the characters look like they were drawn rather odd. While I originally intended to give the art a 9, thinking of how disappointing the animation of the anime series done by BeeTrain was, I decided to give it a 10. You can clearly see the difference in animation quality between the two studios.

Sound: 9/10
Music has always been the strongest point of the Tsubasa anime series to me. The music used were all familiar tracks from the anime series, all composed by Yuki Kajiura, so theres no problem where music is concerned, though I did feel that some of the tracks used didn't quite suit the scene. The opening song and ending songs by Kinya and Yui Makino respectively were also very good and fit the movie well.

Character: 6
Being a 30 minute movie, there isn't exactly anything special about the character development, as the audience is expected to know them by now. They are all the same as you see them in the anime/manga.

Enjoyment: 7
Although some will find this movie rather boring or too short, I really did enjoy it. Especially when compared to all those filler episodes from the anime.

Overall: 7
Overall, I find the Tsubasa Chronicle movie rather entertaining despite being only 30 minutes long. Is this movie really worth your time to watch? While I wouldn't recommend this movie as a must watch, it certainly wont hurt to give it a try either.The plot is simple but the animation really makes up for it (Once more the Tsubasa anime comes to mind when I say this). You are not obligated to fully agree with my ratings and opinions nor does this review truly reflect what this movie is like. Hope you enjoyed this review by a first-timer like me.