Apr 7, 2012
plutomutt (All reviews)
Her moe is over 9000

Story: An unbelievable 18 year old huge eyed girl moves into a house full of odd strangers, not an original plot by far but they present it in a fun short way. In 3 minutes they tell quite a lot of story, so if you're into cute and silly slice of life with cute little loli look-alike adults, this is for you. Its simple and I like it, but thats just how I roll.

Art: Very simple and very consistent, similar to Lucky Star.

Sound: How is she 18! The main character sounds like the quintessential loli so that might be off putting to some, both for those who just got to have their cute tiny moe fill are sure to love it. Like your ears are stuffed with sugar.

Character: Big eyed girls who don't look their age. Generic parody anime cliches, the old woman, the pervert, the nerd.

Enjoyment: Kind of reminds me of Manabi Straight (a favorite of mine) for some reason, so it gave me warm feelings of nostalgia.

Overall: You either like it or you don't, this is a specific genre of anime for a specific type of fan.