Apr 3, 2012
candy-manga-gurl (All reviews)
I have to say that I am in love with this book but that I am incredibly dissapointed that no new chapters have been coming out for quite some time. In some ways I wish that I had never read it because now I have to face the fact that by the time the next chapter comes out, i probably won't like the book anymore. :( I had to turn to spoilers to find out what happened and even those didn't finish. It's infuriating. I got really attached to this manga even though it sounds really stupid. Please somebody post the next chapter already! I really really really loved this manga and want it to continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally reccomend this book to those who don't throw themselves into what they read :) but for those who do, don't read this until all the chapters are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!