Feb 27, 2012
Azunyan_ (All reviews)
A short review of an easy going OVA. Also my first review.
A sequel of the main series Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi. It directly follows up the story. Also as seen as episode 13. But the main focus is on Daigo. Our "ecchii" friend. And before I go further, please watch the main series before reading this review. As knowledge about some characters is probably needed :3

Seriously, I don't know why OVAs nowadays contains so much fanservice. Okay, it is cool. Maybe a little eroge as well. But the story is off. However, this OVA did actually a great job following the story. Still, way to much fanservice. You either like it or find it disturbing.

As I said earlier. It main focus is Daigo. As known as a hentai, and nothing has changed since then. Some surprises in the story which is always good. And it is a little cosy one as well.

I wont complain on the sound. Nothing special, and it inst disturbing. However, I find the art a little bit "re-drawn". Eyeshadows aren't so much as in the main series. It's a positive thing as I found it more natural this way.

As I said earlier, Daigo hasn't changed, so haven't the rest of the characters. Helping characters are still helping, and those who are perverted are still perverted...

In short, this OVA is a plus in addition to the series if you enjoyed it. Nonetheless if you did not like it, there's no point to move on.