Jun 12, 2008
RG Veda (Manga) add (All reviews)
tomoyohime (All reviews)
rg veda is a classic. it's not as well known to today's younger generation of manga fans, but those who have read it never forgot it.

it is one of clamps earliest works, and its first major work.

and what a story they have spun! gods and goddesses, war, forbidden love, betrayal, loyalty and trust. unfulfilled desires and hidden wishes.

love that spans across centuries. characters who have sold their souls for their wishes. characters who have all but died from the loss of their love.

the first few volumes are a little confusing, since clamp has a tendency of introducing several characters at a time, but once you get past the first four (or less), you will find yourself drawn into the story like never before.

you will be mesmerized, i assure you.

this has themes of shounen-ai (the ones labeled androgynous still look like men, albeit very pretty boys),and shoujo ai, so those with squicks, you have been warned.

but this is clamp, and if you like their other series you must not mind it, ne? i myself, find their standard, that love transcends without discrimination, that love is between souls and things like gender are made inconsequential, very, very romantic.