Jul 10, 2024
My hype is ruined

I actually thought this would be something like Goblin Slayer mixed with Grimgar but nope, Just pure Dog Waste.

The first episode was already boring bur wasn't bad, the 3 or 4th episode however was just so hypocritical and then by episode 10, this mess of a show fell to ashes 10 times over.

Characters: 2/10
• Predictable Characters, An OP perverted virgin only cares about getting strong and banging women, the women are so one dimensional that all they see is the MC. Even the Women who were kidnapped by the MC's friends end up banging the MC and having his kids. Gross

Plot: 3/10 nothing special, same old Isekai troupe

Soundtrack: 5/10 average

Animation: 5/10 mediocre Animation at best

Pacing: 2/10 rushed for the MC to be a OP ladies' man for no reason

Overall: 4/10
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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