Jul 10, 2024
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
The brothers face their greatest challenge when Japan gets occupied again by remnants of the Brittania royalty calling themselves the "Neo Britannian Empire". Led by Neo Britannia's 100th emperor, Chalice al Britannia, and his Knights of Einberg, Japan is isolated it from the rest of the world with the impregnable "Situmpe Barrier (シトゥンペバリア)" energy wall for the next 4 years. To counter this new Britannian invasion, Roze and Ash accepts the UFN government request to assist the Black Knights' Liberation Plan and the resistance group called the "Seven Shining Stars (七煌星団)" to take on Neo Britannia and rescue Sakuya Sumeragi.

Taked in Code Geass fandom

I didn't like the how much modern social politic they are

Knightmares Looks like CGI, Normal animation looks like more colored and black lines compare to first series

Bad compared to First Series

Britannia becomes Liberal Britannia's saying Japanese's 11 still going some yellow red blue haired unattractive voicing boy is main character but she becomes girl and she has a holographic Geass that she opens with she's hands on neckless and moves she's hand to makes Geass in ears, the Knightmares Have LASERS shooting they playing a holographic chess

Code Geass is good but this isn't
Reviewer’s Rating: 2
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