Jul 10, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Boukyaku Battery is a solid anime for baseball enjoyers, unquestionably. Myself, being a catcher in my high school days, can relate to the pitcher/catcher dynamic, and so I quite enjoyed the series. The show does have a troubled plot, and almost feels like a slice of life. It does present enough growth of the characters and the team, so I had no problem watching week to week. For a MAPPA show, I expected a bit more production value. It is good in some scenes, but cheap looking in the majority.

Animation 7/10
- Some scenes present as "MAPPA", but they are few and far between.
Sound 7/10
- Nice OP/ED, good sound design.
Story 2/10
- Rather simple premise, not very deep on the issue of amnesia. More of a team building arc.
Characters 8/10
- I enjoy the characters, both mains and supporting cast, also the rival teams are interesting. I also liked mini arcs where the players are overcoming their barriers.
Enjoyment 8/10
- I really enjoyed it, when I first decided to watch it, I didn't expect to watch it beyond the first ep, but it hooked me unexpectedly.

This may not be most people's cup of tea, there isn't much here, but I expect a lot of baseball fans would enjoy it. Give it a chance, if that is the case.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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