Jun 11, 2024
Mixed Feelings
"Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Giaden Ten no Haoh" is anime that tells the story of Raoh's rise as a King of Fists.

From the first episode, it is clear for who this anime was intended, because the first thing you will notice is that Raoh has a kid's face. In fact, everybody looks like a teenagers more than grown men and women. This anime was clearly made in an effort to draw younger audiences to the series and the whole thing oozes with that half-cringe, half-cool late 2000-s anime and I can easilly imagine that some kids thought this is the coolest thing they've seen since sliced bread.

Raoh himself is overpowered and over the top main character and though the series tries to depict him both as a tyrant and as a hero, it mostly glorifies him and some things he does are very over the top and it's clear as day that they are trying to make Raoh more likeable than he really is. I like the voice of Takashi Ukaji though.

Art style is questionable and I'm not sure if it's really my cup of tea, but it gets the job done.

Music, on the other hand, is phenomenal, from intro to outro and music during episodes themselves.

Story has some interesting moments, but they're nothing too important or crazy and it's hard to care for the fate of the characters when you know their fate if you are fan of the series. The plot twist at the end can be seen from miles away if you have a functioning brain.

Despite it's shortcomings, I think "Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Giaden Ten no Haoh" is a fine and entertaining anime. If you like the series, you can't go wrong with watching it, just be ready for something different that you maybe won't like immediately or maybe at all. I don't recommend the anime if you just stumbled upon it, prior knowledge of the series is needed to understand many things.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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