Jun 11, 2024
Overall, it's a recommended Anime because it touches an importat topic of relationships between a parent and a teen. However, the execution of the story left mixed feelings because it was enough to watch the beginning in the 1 and 2 episode as well as the ending in the last 5 episodes. Finally the author failed to deliver in the show any moral to the audience of what is the right behavior in such fictive or real scenario. Therefore, the overall rating is just '5'.

- the main one is Yoshida, smart guy but undecided. Lonely workahocolic, moderate drinker and does not know a thing about cooking.
- the second one is Sayu. An impulsive teenager, open, brave and determined. Likes to explore the world.
- the third one is Gotou-san. Corporate boss, who is reasonable and cares about people.
- the rest are other people, who just appear as partners in the dialogue.
In general the characters are ordinary people, which is fine given the Author wants the viewer to judge emotions of each character seperately.

- unrealistic. Because the Author is undecided in which direction the story should go. The characters seems to know what action should be taken but noone is doing anything but accepting the status quo. This creates a problem for the viewer, since none is taking any responsibility for the situation. And the message from the Author seems to be that it is fine to seek personal benefits in every situation, which is a little bit dangerous.

Majority of viewers will not find anything interesting in this anime. This is neither a rom-com nor a slice of life. It just does not make any sense at all.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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