Jun 11, 2024
Preliminary (10/13 eps)
"Once you give up, it's joever!"

I saw the trailer to Girls Band Cry over a year ago and first thought, "This will be a worse Bocchi the Rock." "Eww why is it CGI." "It's just another cliché girl band anime"

"Wait the CG looks actually kinda good and the music sounds awesome, I'll give it a watch."

Thank god my second opinion was right.

This is everything I wanted from anime like Bocchi the Rock or K-On, that put a bit more focus on the slice of life aspect. Girls Band Cry's characters feel so much more realistic and relatable. The show takes enough time to establish well-written backstories, opinions and motivations for each band member and wants the viewer to empathize with them, but not in a forced kind of way. It feels like each of them is fighting their own battles, whether these are insecurities like family issues, the fear of being misunderstood or opposing industry standards and striving for a revolution in music.
Finding and fulfilling your own dream is what drives them all and inspires me personally, as a self-learning guitarist, the most.

Not to mention the hilarious humor accompanied by stunning scenes and visuals of the band playing make this show so exceptionally good, the studio behind GBC really went all out. The girls in Togenashi Togeari are doing an exceptionally good job, especially Rina, our main character, is mindblowing at her first role as Nina Iseri. Clearly a lot of time and passion has gone into this show, which is sadly rare nowadays for most anime, so I'm glad the people working on this anime took it so seriously.

I'm excited to see where their journey will take them and what challenges our characters will have to face through next.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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