May 15, 2024
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
A reversed-isekai light story where the girls are going to current modern Japan instead of MC getting isekai-ed. This is just like the genre said, a pure slow-pace Comedy theme anime. So don't put any logic or to criticize whether the story does not make sense. It is basically fantasy story in modern world Japan with MC as crappy poor detective got help by the Princess that can do various magic but it does not focus on detective or mystery side, it instead focus on slice of life, cuteness and jokes.

- MC is a crappy private detective that does poor job and live poorly without sexual hormone (uninterested in marriage, opposite gender, and sex). A typical MC for Shounen/Boy-targeted anime audience.
- Odin princess is very cute loli and has similar voice accent and vibe with Hina Satō (also known as Odin) from The Day I Became a God.
- Livia as guardian of the princess is voluptuous/sexy and has interesting development, starting as homeless and got so many (failed) jobs.

Overall it is fun and relaxed anime with some little mild nudity. It also contains some useful education (e.g. tips as onscreen text telling you to have permit for fishing in Japan) that shows from time to time. This anime is suitable for 13+ and to be watched together especially if you enjoy cute anime girls.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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