Apr 2, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This show is somewhat underappreciated for what it was; The way it was produced was noticeably small and focused in a lot of aspects but for what it is, it has a consistent blueprint as a show and progressed into something larger and more refined in comparison to its meager beginnings.

Animation (6/10) - It is a noticeable early 2000s anime by the way its aesthetics and animation quality was presented; It had a cookie cutter production value and easily on par with the shows from its time. Although to its credit, a lot of their action scenes has smooth movement flow on it, and that would be its saving grace because it adds onto the detail for what it is.

Storyline (5.5) - Its storyline feels small and too linear. Although it is consistent but it feels like, if this is a bigger anime production like the sorts of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, et al. The story of Samurai 7 would just be an arc from it. It was so underutilized, for the potential its idea has. The pacing as well feels a bit slow. Other than that, it had an alright and followable story.

Soundtrack (5) - Its soundtrack is very limited, in terms of songs; It only has like, three or four songs on its holster and the rest are just instrumentals and BGM utilized on the show. Although it has a noticeable pattern of using Traditional Japanese theme on their soundtracks list so, props for that thematic effort.

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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