Jan 14, 2012
DakenFrost (All reviews)

Okay in my reviews i am going to tell my opinion on three things: plot, characters and overall. I may write some additional note if something was particularly good or not (like art or the characters voice).
I am going to try to be impartial, even if i like the anime a lot or i dislike it like the kechtup on the pasta and put things in the right context (i can't expect a complex plot for an harem)


Plot - 6
I really don't understand. This anime made me dizzy because at first was a "class vs class" like baka test, then it turn toward the full harem plot, explaining how girls fall in love with the protagonist and then it become an action plot. I don't understand why this mess...It's not like i didn't enjoy it but it's...confusing. If you don't mind about this "change of tide" it's a fair plot after all.

Characters - 7
Well this is hard: characters are someway a clichè but they are well defined. The protagonist is a good one, full of weakness but somehow smart, and he love his crabs (they were something different from a crab but i can't recall what exactly they were). What disappoint me are the other males characters, they got really a small part in the anime but it's harem after all, so you shouldn't be surprised.
In short: good protagonist, fair girls and few good male characters; not bad at all.

Other details: the ending is awful. I won't spoiler but it cannot be really called an "ending" for me. Fights are not bad at all instead!

Overall - 6
Ok so this anime is worthy? Well it's an harem and if you like harem with some action and with a "not-so-good-but-decent" plot it can be what you are searching for. As i stated before beware the ending...

Personal tastes: i enjoyed it. I like the action and the protagonist was really a good one (he deserves an 8) so for me was a really good anime