Jan 14, 2012
DakenFrost (All reviews)

Okay in my reviews i am going to tell my opinion on three things: plot, characters and overall. I may write some additional note if something was particularly good or not (like art or the characters voice).
I am going to try to be impartial, even if i like the anime a lot or i dislike it like the kechtup on the pasta and put things in the right context (i can't expect a complex plot for an harem)


Plot - 7
Nice plot. Not something great but totally enjoyable. We are talking about a comedy with a bit of seinen so i am totally fine with it. People trying to make friends but they carry problems from their "sad" past. It's nothing so original but as i already stated it's worthy if you are looking for a good comedy.

Characters - 7
They are well designed but not everyone got a real "soul", some of them are the usual clichès but luckily the main characters are good and i was really ok with them.

Other details
The jokes are funny, late some of them become boring but it's not a big deal and art is amazing for my tastes.

Overall - 7
Plot? Check. Characters? Check. Ok good characters in a good plot make this anime a good work, almost for me. If you are looking for a really good comedy you should give this anime a try, you shouldn't regret it.

Personal tastes: Sena is a nonsense character. A blond, beauty girl with a passion for videogames without a REAL friend? Oh, come on!