Mar 5, 2024
When I first came across this show, the poster drew my attention. The description provided a plot line that seemed like I could get behind. After watching the first 5 episodes, I was expecting great things. I thought that if a show was given 20 episodes, it either they would have made great progress and left an amazing cliffhanger for the next season or it would become a bust.

After completing the series, I can wholeheartedly say that this show was a bust. I don't want to spoil anything but the main character is the typical strong character but super dumb. As I was watching the show, it made me realize that the main character barely does anything. You would think that because he's the main character like Qin Chen from Wu Shen Zhu Zai or Lin Feng from Wan Jie Du Zun to name a few, he would play his role properly. What happens is far from the truth. Unlike Qin Chen or Lin Feng who are strong and have the arrogance to follow, Xi Zi Tang albeit strong is a bumbling idiot. Watch the series shows you that even though he is the main character of the story, other characters do more for the story, play a more significant role and do more in initiating fights etc.

I watched this show because it was produced by Tencent thinking that it would be a decent show to watch. The poster looks pretty cool and also the first couple of episodes were good. I don't recommend watching this series. They had 20 episodes to do something but there's is little to no progress and also the main character is so bad. It's amazingly boring to watch.
Reviewer’s Rating: 2
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