Mar 18, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Ok, first of all. I still love Pokemon and I always have a special place in my heart for this genre. Nevertheless it was for me not the best season. And I did enjoy some of the episodes. But alot of them were for me a little bit a meh... But to bad it ends here for Ash.

Ok, the first few episodes I got really annoyed with Go's personality. And really hoped this wasn't going to be a Dawn character. Fortunately, his personality did improve a bit and I also started to see the good sides of him. In addition, this character reminded me a lot of the game Pokemon Go for mobile. I personally regret this. Don't take it the wrong way, I've been playing Pokemon Go. But the principle of having a Pokemon fight each other was not an issue for him. Just throw your ball and he had it. This started to get really boring after a few episodes. In it against the Pokemon he had on his team. Were nice looking, and were very based on the Galar region. With emphasis on the starter Pokemon.

Well unfortunately the last season of Ash. His entire journey was actually about the MMR battles. And not really beating the Gyms anymore. I regret this very much. I would have loved to see the battles I did in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well. However, this series decided to take a different tack. I personally think it's a pity. Also the battles against the champions of the regions. Quite easy to have won, but it took a bit of the fun out of it for me. Also the fight against the maid with the Graploct. Was a bit meh for me.

In it against Ash's Pokemon this season have been really great. I found this a plus and a minus. The plus mainly that finally Ash has a good team. It's just a pity that it only happened "now" and not earlier in the series. Why is he only now getting a Dragonite and Gengar? We can't blame Dracovish btw, he was awesome! This Pokemon was my favorite this season.

I'm sorry that my idea didn't really come into it. And would now tell you.

I had hoped there was some kind of Pokemon that wasn't really bright. Featuring my favorite Galar Pokemon Cramorant. I had hoped that Cramorant would be a bit more like a desperate Pokemon in conflict with Pikachu and Ash every time. However, it is a pity that there was only 1 episode with him. And he did great!

Finally, I liked that Team Rocket didn't get much screen time. Each time it their intro and then lose again. I personally think this is a plus. I even had a moment when I thought, when are they coming again? This is because I was very used to it.

Good things about the serie:
1. Ash got a great Pokemon Team
2. Not every episode got Team Rocket,
3. They travel alot in old regions, it was fun for flashback
4. Some nice Legendary encounters.

Bad things:
1. Go is Pokemon Go
2. No Cramorant screen time
3. Story confuse me sometimes.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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