Jan 24, 2023
Preliminary (3/? eps)
What happens when the author, producer and greedy executives want more money from a series that completed its story? They make a good anime/story and forcefully extend it to the point of ridiculousness full of convoluted BS and pathetic villain's. They Boruto it.

My first gripe is the MC voice changed. what the VA did was horrible but did not warrant the change. The new VA while good does not match the MC charisma/attitude. Go to season one listen to the VA for the MC from season one and compare with the new one. The second VA voice does not match what the MC should sound like. It literally throws off anyone who actually watch season one. The tone and pitch of two are also so different. If you are going to change VA why not try and match someone who sounds like the previous VA?

All these female characters all fawning and whoring themselves over the MC is annoy as hell and provide no actual character growth. Literally first season gave all the reason why; there was no point in having a second season to try and prove why they are fawning over him over and over again. The point is overblown and overused. At this point they might as well be in an orgy and might as well throw in some random goblins and have the MC wear a suit of armor because thats how bad the situation is right now. If these characters could hear what the MC sounds like in season 1 and in season 2 they would all just wonder if this was Goblin Slayer or if this was actually the misfit of the demon king.

in conclusion. MC VA change was horrible. Extending the show and novel/manga was a money grab so far up in the ass that everyone that expects this to be good will be disappointed because it will be a shit show just like boruto.
Reviewer’s Rating: 1
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